Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 10

Ego gets a bad rap. It can be good sometimes to have ego in the sense that you know your worth and gifts. It's called positive ego.

Today, focus on what you like about yourself. The more you know yourself, the more you can do in the world.

** I get these daily, they are really nice to read. Most days they catch exactly my mood and things that need to be done!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Be a Light Vessel

Thursday, February 26

How do you drink your coffee? From a cup.

It's the same with the energy, or light, of the Creator. In order for it to be revealed in this world, there must be a vessel.

On a simple level, every positive action we do creates a container for the Light to be revealed, and every negative action tears it down. Whether or not there is a vessel, the Light is always present; this is important to remember.

Build a strong vessel today by doing as many thoughtful, loving actions you can think of.

I am going to try and do this today, for myself, for my home, and to open my own light vessel. I believe this is such a true statement. xoxo

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My sweet new ride

So this year, Matt bought me a bike for Christmas! I am super stoked about it!! Now I just need to wait for the weather to get warm so I can ride it all over!! Matt made this a very special Christmas for me. I have gotten a bike twice in my life for Christmas, once when I was 11, and this one. I love my husband for picking out such a nice bike!! What a guy!

Christmas 2008

We had such a great Christmas this year! We finally got to sleep in past 5AM, thanks to the kids being old enough to appreciate sleep. We woke up and Santa had brought all kinds of fun stuff!

It is so fun to have all the kids on Christmas morning. My favorite part is watching them all open the gifts. Gavin is getting into his "teenager" mode, he loves the gifts, but I can tell he (like me) would rather be sleeping! And can I say, it is SO much fun being able to have CHloe around so I can buy all the cute girl things. Sometimes when I am hanging out with all my boys, I have no idea what they are talking about!! Its like they all have a secret language that they just knew cause they are boys.

We had all kids of plans to go visiting family on Christmas morning, but we got snowed in!! So we hung out around the house and played video games, and just hung out together. It was really nice!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Glowing Love inside

Scared and nervous, I pack my bag

I leave knowing I will be back

I will be different, somehow changed.

Ever wondering what I should ask.

I walk to the fire, and feel the peace

crawling inside, I sense the release.

As the door closes, my mind starts to race

I think I am losing, the task I can't face.

But with the dark, comes a peace

A warm glowing place I can see.

People are talking, they really care.

I suddenly wonder why I am there.

Then I open my eyes, I see... I see!

There are others in this place with me.

Colorful people, whites, golds and yellow

Is it just me? Can they all see the glow?

I blink and think my eyes must be wrong

you can't see in the dark,

But I can, I can see them moving

all around the house made from love.

It gets harder each time we close another door

I am scared and press my face to the floor.

My heart is racing, when will it end?!

I give in, and suddenly my joy can expand.

As I go out, its a leap not a crawl

I stand and I fell as though I may fall.

I look to my left and see the shining eyes,

Of the people I was one with on the inside.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow is all I can say.

The fact that Sara Palin can accept $150,000 in clothing (for her AND her family) is incredible to me. She is supposedly so "down to earth" and all that crap, but that kind of money would pay off my house!! Sara friggin Palin is wearing my house.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

video: "Mandy Moore Gardenia Live AT & T Blue Room"

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